How do I use EasyFTP to download a file on-demand?

Before a file can be downloaded in Zapier, a Downloadable File must be created in EasyFTP. This ensures only the desired file(s) are made available to Zaps.

A Downloadable File consists of a filename and an optional a path. If no path is specified, the connection's default path will be used instead. Both the filename and the path can contain dynamic syntax.

How do I download my file on-demand?

Include the Download File action in your Zap. During the creation process, you will choose from a list of the Downloadable Files you have created in EasyFTP. When triggered, your Zap will retrieve that file from your server via EasyFTP and provide subsequent actions with access to the file.

What if the name of the file changes every day?

EasyFTP's dynamic syntax can be used to automatically modify the filename and/or path used to retrieve the file from your server. For example, a Downloadable File created with a filename of report-{YYYY}{MM}{DD}.pdf will include the current date in the name of the retrieved file.

What if I don't know the name of the file I need to download?

EasyFTP's Watched Folders are a better fit when the name of the file to be retrieved is not known. A Watched Folder will trigger a Zap or IFTTT workflow when a file is added or modified in the configured folder.

Why do I get a file not found (404) error when downloading my file?

EasyFTP only allows a file to be downloaded for two hours after a Zap requests access to the file. Once the download window closes, EasyFTP will return file not found errors. Please contact EasyFTP support via chat or email if you require a longer (or shorter) download window.

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