What to do first

Create an EasyFTP account and put in the information to connect to your FTP/FTPS/SFTP Server

Make your first connection:

  1. Create an EasyFTP Account
  2. Create your first FTP connection by specifying configuration details for your FTP server:
    • Protocol - FTP, FTPS, or SFTP
    • Address / Host
    • Username
    • Password or SSH Key (with optional passphrase)
    • Default path (optional)
    • Custom name to reference this connection (optional)
    • Custom color to reference this connection (optional)
  3. Save your connection info
  4. Test your connection by clicking the "Test Connection" button. If there is any issue connecting follow the helpful messages you receive or reach out to EasyFTP support via chat or email.
  5. Once you confirm via testing you are able to connect you are ready to use the connection in Zapier and more!
  6. Follow the help docs for Zapier or other ways to automate file transfers and reach out to EasyFTP support if you need any help.

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